Are Scottish Power Home Comfort Liars And Thieves Or Just Incompetent

by Guest Writer on 06/12/2013

Poor service from Scottish Power Home Comfort

This is just a quick post to warn you if you’re thinking of getting the Scottish Power Home Comfort service. And make sure you read the comments below.

I have just had an absolutely awful time with them. So much so that they have been awarded the Naughty Step Award for December.

What has annoyed me the most and what will happen to you if you ever have to deal with them.

Is they are quite happy to lie to you, take your money without providing a service and keep you waiting on the phone forever.

All I can say is don’t use them. Don’t even consider them. Because if you do and things go wrong, forget about them sorting it out for you.

Take up  Scottish Power Home Comfort and this could happen to you

As an example this is what happened to me.

I contacted them about a problem with my radiator this Wednesday morning. Getting no satisfaction from the call centre person I asked to speak to his supervisor.

He told me he couldn’t give me his name or let me speak to him.

Rather than continue arguing I asked to be put through to the complaints department.

The lady I was put through to sounded professional and apologetic. She calmed me down with the promise that come what may she would call me back by 3pm at the latest.

3pm came and went. No call, nothing. It’s now Friday and they have made no attempt to resolve the problem.

Home Comfort team treated other people worse than me

So I took to the Internet to see if I was just unlucky.

That’s when I found out, Scottish Power Home Comfort have been treating their customers badly for years.

Do a Google search for Scottish Power Home Comfort complaints and you will be shocked at the stories.

One of the reviews that caught my eye was the one on the Which site, here’s a link to it.

You could also read what the Scottish newspaper, Daily Record, had to say about them, here’s that link also.

But to read the worse stories and what perfectly sums up how they treat customers go to the Consumer Action Group forum.

The forum has cases from 2011 and the last case of the old couple in November 2013 is terrible. Read about it all here.

So without question, Scottish Power Home Comfort deserves to be December’s Naught Step Award winners.

Have you ever had to deal with them? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below.

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Claire December 6, 2013 at 11:53 am

I’ve been waiting for a refund since August. No reply to emails, can’t get any answer on the phone lines and have now written. Let’s see what happens along with the hundreds of others on twitter who are also waiting. If you call the number to switch to them they answer. Funny that!

Guest Writer December 7, 2013 at 7:38 am

Agree with everything you say. They are quick to take your money and get you to sign up but that’s the only time they are efficient.

Lynda December 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm

I have been trying to get our hot water fixed by Scottish Power’s Home Comfort for 5 days. Last February, it took them about 3 months to sort out a hot water problem. At that time they said I needed to flush out my radiators- but my boiler was only 2 years old then after doing battle for a couple of months, they finally sent an engineer who said it’s a faulty diverter valve and not clogged radiators!

This time, The engineer came out the very next day to tell me I needed a “heat exchange plate”. (the cost is only £39.00 for this part). He even showed me the part I needed in the manual and circled the part number. He did not even open the boiler to check it. All he did was run my hot tap and tell me the water isn’t very hot! He left and I heard nothing for 4 days so I called them back today. They said I am not covered because my radiators need flushing and they don’t do flushing! I said, my radiators are fine! I have heating- just no hot water! It’s the boiler! They refused to help. I ended up in tears when they refused to even accept that my central heating is great- just no hot water! I explained that the water doesn’t even run through the radiators before it comes out of the tap!!! This is negligent treatment to not even bother to call back to tell me I am not covered! I am on their Platinum Cover. Please, if you are on this cover, cancel it because no matter what is wrong with your boiler, they will tell you to flush your system and say they do not cover radiators – even if it is your hot water that needs to be fixed! I wonder if there is some sort of ombudsman to complain to? I am also in the over 60’s age group and with a disabled teen son- so we are supposed to be priority. They were hopelessThe level of communication and respect when contacting the call centre is unacceptable. Waiting time for calls to be answered are so long!
No one calls back when the say them will. I have asked to speak to a supervisor but there aren’t any. The people who answer the calls are cannot actually solve any customer service issues! The would not listen to me when I begged them to understand my heating is fine- I haven’t any hot water. When I finally became exasperated and began to cry, the lady yelled at me. Oh it is so horrific. I just do not know what to do! I have been paying about £13 a month for about 5 years now. For nothing!

Guest Writer December 12, 2013 at 10:03 am

Hi Lynda I wish I could offer some advice, but like you say it’s impossible to get anyone there to help.

You could try the customer complaints department, I spoke to someone there. Tell them you are going to complain to the ombudsmen and they might take some notice.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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