Things to do in London this week

by Chris P on 12/03/2012

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So what are you going to do this week?

With the weather good

St Patrick’s sure be a treat

But you know, there’s way more

To do than that

So sit back, grab a coffee

And let’s have a chat.

Fellas, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice

The Supermodels exhibition

Is ohhh so nice

And for you jazz heads

Looking for a beat

St Martin’s in the fields

Will get you stomping your feet

The Red Stripe Band are there again

Doing the Boogie Woogie like only they can.

The British Museum isn’t usually on my roll call

But right now they can stand tall

The London Olympics will come and go

But right now they’ve got Olympic medals on show

You’ll never get a better chance to be this close

To see an Olympic gold even though we’re all the hosts

And last, but by no means least

And to even things up

I think the Vintage Fashion Fair at Primrose Hill is a must

Good quality vintage clothes and accessories on show

Take your mother this Sunday and blow a little dough.

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