What to wear as a tourist in London

by Norm on 12/12/2009

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You’re walking around in London, not walking round the world

This question came in and made me smile – What clothes should I wear if I came in the spring or summer and what should I wear so that I don’t look like a tourist?

It’s so nice when people ask what to wear by the season. We have seasons in London, it’s just you’re never sure exactly what the weather will be like in them.

If you want to know what the weather’s likely to be, here’s a monthly breakdown. London weather monthly forecast.

For instance in the summer months , sun can be rarer than in spring, yet in spring it might rain more than in winter, while in the winter it can be quite mild to what other people expect winters to be like. And why haven’t I mentioned autumn? Because no one knows what’s going to happen, yet it’s often the nicest time of the year.

But if you’ve never been to London, what to wear is a valid question. Most of us when we go away want to fit in and not look like an obvious tourist.

For instance, even though London has so many different cultures and nationalities living here. Why is it that you can instantly spot say a Japanese or American tourist from a Japanese or American who lives in London? And it’s not the camera that’s giving the game away. There’re lots of amateur photographers in London walking around with cameras.

It’s often more about what not to wear

What it is and has always been are the clothes or more precisely, wearing the wrong type of clothes in certain situations. That’s what makes you look like a real tourist.

Let me put it this way, when you’re in London and it rains. Don’t, please don’t, put on one of those fetching waterproof sheets that are often in the brightest yellow imaginable. Is there something hard about packing a compact umbrella? Or do these people walk around in their home countries in those things.

And of course the flip side to that coin is wearing waterproof clothing when it’s not raining. You’re wearing it because you heard the weather in London is unpredictable. Yes it’s unpredictable, but most Londoners just take a chance they’ll miss the rain, the others use umbrellas. You can do the same rather than standing there looking silly.

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Like I said London’s a mixture of cultures and you’ll see people wearing all kinds of things on the street. It’s only when you go to a club or restaurant that you need to be a bit more careful.

Even the theatre is a relaxed night out, some people dress up, and some don’t. But don’t wear shorts, that’s like walking in with a big sign that says, I’m a tourist please forgive me.

In a restaurant, if you’re unsure of the dress code (another reason for having the EPok London Pack, it has the dress code) smart casual will always work.

So what am I saying, basically wear what you would normally wear in your own country for the weather conditions and the venue. London’s not Paris or Milan, no one is going to look down at you because of what you’re wearing.

In Summary

For men – Jeans, jumper, t-shirt, shirt, trousers, a jacket and tie (only needed if you go somewhere formal/5 star). Normal walking shoes/trainers but try to avoid wearing jogging shoes, it’s not a good look. Casual waterproof jacket or coat and of course an umbrella.

For women it’s very much the equivalent items as the men i.e. Jeans, trousers, skirt, dress, blouse, a top, a jacket, cardigan etc.

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