Are Scottish Power Home Comfort Liars And Thieves Or Just Incompetent

This is just a quick post to warn you if you’re thinking of getting the Scottish Power Home Comfort service. And make sure you read the comments below.

I have just had an absolutely awful time with them. So much so that they have been awarded the Naughty Step Award for December.

What has annoyed me the most and what will happen to you if you ever have to deal with them.

Is they are quite happy to lie to you, take your money without providing a service and keep you waiting on the phone forever.

All I can say is don’t use them. Don’t even consider them. Because if you do and things go wrong, forget about them sorting it out for you.

Take up  Scottish Power Home Comfort and this could happen to you

As an example this is what happened to me.

I contacted them about a problem with my radiator this Wednesday morning. Getting no satisfaction from the call centre person I asked to speak to his supervisor.

He told me he couldn’t give me his name or let me speak to him.

Rather than continue arguing I asked to be put through to the complaints department.

The lady I was put through to sounded professional and apologetic. She calmed me down with the promise that come what may she would call me back by 3pm at the latest.

3pm came and went. No call, nothing. It’s now Friday and they have made no attempt to resolve the problem.

Home Comfort team treated other people worse than me

So I took to the Internet to see if I was just unlucky.

That’s when I found out, Scottish Power Home Comfort have been treating their customers badly for years.

Do a Google search for Scottish Power Home Comfort complaints and you will be shocked at the stories.

One of the reviews that caught my eye was the one on the Which site, here’s a link to it.

You could also read what the Scottish newspaper, Daily Record, had to say about them, here’s that link also.

But to read the worse stories and what perfectly sums up how they treat customers go to the Consumer Action Group forum.

The forum has cases from 2011 and the last case of the old couple in November 2013 is terrible. Read about it all here.

So without question, Scottish Power Home Comfort deserves to be December’s Naught Step Award winners.

Have you ever had to deal with them? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below.

There Is More At The Regent Street Motor Show Than You Think

Let’s hope the bad weather holds off and Saturday is not as windy and rainy as it is forecast to be, because the annual motor show along Regent Street is easily the best one there has ever been and if you have never been, you should make a special effort for this one.

The event starts at 10 and goes on until 4 and there are going to be over 300 cars on display with a special celebration to mark 50 years of Porsche and 100 years of Aston Martin, if you click here you can see the layout of the areas where the cars and celebrations will be along Regent Street.

This really is going to be a good event and it is always nice to wander along Regent Street when it is a traffic free zone, so get along to the Regent Street Motor Show this Saturday, it is free and starts at 10.

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See Van Gogh in London even though he’s in Paris

You know when you are going on holiday and you do all the research to see what things are on and what you can do when you are there, I bet if you found out there was an exhibition of Vincent van Gogh on, with rare paintings from private collections and museums and also at the exhibition there would also be paintings from artists like Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin and Monet, you would do everything you could to do to go and see it while you were there.

Well if you are on holiday in London you are in luck but if you have to work for a living you are out of luck because the gallery that has the exhibition doesn’t have any tickets for any Saturday viewings so you will have to either go in your lunch break or have an understanding boss and leave work early.

The Van Gogh in Paris exhibition is on until 29 November at the Eykyn Maclean gallery at 30 St George Street which is about 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus, you can get more details by clicking here and you can also book a time slot online and the exhibition is free.

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National Portrait Gallery & Southbank Centre save the weekend

The weather is not looking that great this weekend but here are a couple of events to brighten up the weekend you might want to try, the first one is to take a visit to the National Portrait Gallery because you can still catch the small displays by the photographer Michael Peto with 10 of his photos from the 1960’s including ones of Nelson Mandela, Richard Burton and Paul McCartney. Then after you’ve seen that, head over to room 40 in the gallery and you can see 12 pastel sketches by the one and only Bob Dylan.

The other event is only on Saturday at the Southbank Centre and sounds really interesting, especially if you like cars, it’s being called a vintage car boot sale with classic cars on show and vintage items for sale with live music and DJ’s playing music with a 1950’s feel, it only costs £3 but for some reason there’s no start time on their site so best get there for midday to be sure it’s started.

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Did you know this about the NFL events this weekend

Everyone’s talking about the Regent Street traffic free day for the NFL fan day this Saturday which I have to say looks a lot better than last year and with the weather looking like it’s going to hold, it should be a great day.

The NFLUK site tells you about some of the things going on but with it being on Regent Street, go over to the Regent Street Online site and they’ll give you some more details about the day like the various shop discounts and competitions going on.

But for me the real highlight of the whole NFL event is the opening up of the Tailgate party inWembley on Sunday to non ticket holders, I’ve got to say the people at NFLUK have made a smart move by doing this and it should make for a good atmosphere with plenty of things to do, see and buy.

For all the details of the event click NFLUK.

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